Who We Are

Who We Are

Equitherm Training is the World Leader in the field of Equine and Veterinary Digital Infrared Thermography, also known as Thermal Imaging. We offer unparalleled Training and ongoing support to all our students.

We have trained over 700 students worldwide including vets from the FEI as well as World Class.

Our trainers are experts, not only in the field of Equine and veterinary Thermography but also in Veterinary, Equine Sports injuries and Performance Sciences.

We teach students how to scan accurately using correct environmental protocols, standardisation of the subject and report standardisation with a comparison to bilateral areas at the heart of our analysis.

We offer students the opportunity to train at our training centre in the UK but also the opportunity to train online for those with restricted ability to attend our live training courses.

All our student technicians go through a rigorous process of assessment upon finishing their training this includes a written exam, case studies submission and practical examination. On completion and successful assessment, our students will receive Certification as Equitherm Technicians and will be able to go out and practise as professionals.

We can confidently say that our technicians are the most qualified in the world and never compromise on the quality of service and reports.

If you wish to train with us then call us on + 44 1284 827 032 or email us on info@equithermtraining.com