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Irma Wormgoor

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About Irma Wormgoor

Irma trained with Equitherm training in November 2016 and excelled in her training and studies. As a qualified saddle fitter and horsewoman, Irma had a fundermental understanding of anatomy and physiology, performance and injuries. Her passion and drive shine out and she is an asset to the Licensee Team. 

Irma qualified with equitherm April 2017 and was identified early on as being suitable for Licensee status.

Irma is based in the Netherlands but will travel to the UK for involvement in research and Cpd training.

Our Profile

My name is Irma Wormgoor, I live and work in The Netherlands.

Horses are my passion. Besides the fact that horses are beautiful animals, it fascinates me a lot how the horse’s body is build and works. 

I tribute to the general welfare of the horse where and whenever I can.

It is essential that they can comfortably do the work we ask them to do, without giving in on their own welfare. 

I am a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC, The Netherlands) and Qualified Saddle Fitter (affiliated with the Society of Master Saddlers, SMS, UK). For years now, I have been happy with the pleasure of improving the saddle comfort for both horse and rider.

During my work as a Saddle Fitter, I see a lot of suffering, also suffering from which, in the first instance, no (clear) diagnosis can be found which eventually results in long rehabilitation periods for the horse.

In 2013, I already came across with Thermography and attended courses in the Netherlands. The best education in Thermography I found last year with the EquiTherm Training Center. Recently, after completing all qualifications, I proudly received the certificate for Equine Thermographer and I would like to further develop myself and contribute in this field of work.

The Equine world is developing constantly. That's why I kept and keep on schooling myself in the field of saddles, Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics of horse and rider. And now, certainly also in terms of Thermography.

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