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Sandie Chambers

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About Sandie Chambers

Sandie is the Director of Equitherm Training and also Master Trainer and Thermographer. Sandie went to Loughborough University to Study Sport Science, she also studied Equine Science at Moreton Morrell. Sandie has furthered her studies with AAT, ABNLP and is currently working towards her masters in Sport Psychology.

Sandie has trained students from many nationalities and is currently growing Equitherm's network to cover countries such as Canada, Australia, Dubai and South Africa as well as the rest of Europe.

Currenlty also in development is Equitherms sister company VetTherm, Sandie has created this portal to unite Equithers Thermographers with Qualified Veterinary practices. What this will achieve is a unity between the vets and the Equitherm technicians. The ultimate aim is so Equitherm technicians can work cohesively with vets practices registed and trained by VetTherm.


Our Profile

Sandie comes from a competitive background. As a young child, she was a competitive swimmer, swimming for her local club and having the benefit of elite coaches, she excelled in this sport as a junior and open senior.

Sandie's love of horses started at an early age, riding ponies of friends as a junior and going onto work for international riders as a rider/show groom during weekends and holiday's, where she built up her skills as a producer of show jumpers and dressage horses. Sandie currently own's and produces, show jumpers at fox hunter level and dressage horses from novice to Grand Prix. She also owns three broodmares and has a small breeding programme focusing on the KWPN Rousseau/Flemmingh breed.

Sandie's career in coaching started in other sports, she managed health club facilities for some of Europe's top operators including Cannon's health and fitness. Sandie set up her own 'Sports Performance' business in 2010 working with youth athletes and semi-professional seniors.

During this period Sandie was also focusing on the rider horse combination and identified many horses were going lame during training, performance and recovery of competition. It was this that drove her to find something that could identify injury before clinical lameness set in. Her motto for Equitherm has always been "Prevention is Better than Cure" It was during this time that Equitherm was born.

During the process of developing Equitherm Sandie trained with many vets within the field of Equine medicine. Sandie spent time in America with Thermography vets but continued to develop her skills and understanding of the application at Rossdales in Newmarket as well as other practices. Sandie now employs a team of Veterinary and Equine scientists to help her to ensure a progressive programme that aims to ensure best practise and standards.

Sandie also runs a coaching business working with young riders, her skills in psychology, technical and fitness place her ahead in many coaching environments. She is now also helping to develop coaching programmes to train the coaches in the mental aspect of sport.

Sandie has an ambitious nature and it is her plan to expand Equitherm into the veterinary market training vets to interpret the scans taken by the Equitherm technicians.

During this process, Sandie also plans to continue to grow the youth programmes she has created for our future young riders. This programme is called the Equestrian Legacy programme and will be launched across the Uk in 2014.

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