How is it used?

How is it used?


Heat generated from inflammation is detected by use of the infra-red camera which allows direct visualisation of areas which are cause for concern. Whilst not definitively diagnosing a condition it allows the horse owner and veterinarian to focus on the exact area which to further investigate.

Skin pattern and surface temperature should be symmetrical any changes observed during the scan can be monitored by an Equitherm Licensed Thermographer and interpreted by a trained vet.

Equine Thermography's uses are widespread and can give the veterinarian valuable information into what is going on with the horse.

Equine Thermography.

Equine Thermography (Equine Thermal Imaging) has been used in veterinary medicine for over twenty years however it has it's limitations in the veterinary field due to it's inability to identify exactly what the injury is.

However where there is asymmetrical heat there is trauma and this allows the vet to swiftly identify the area of stress and injury and allows for other diagnostic tools to be applied quickly to ensure the correct actions are taken to minimise further injury and corrective action to be taken