Equine Technician

Thermography Technicians Certificate

Technicians Certificate

This Certificated training programme is designed to provide the appropriate training and certification for prospective Students wishing to achieve employment in the Equine Rehabilitation and Performance sector as a Equine & Veterinary Infrared Thermographer.

This course will give the student the opportunity to develop the core skills and an advanced understanding of Infrared Thermal imaging (also known  as Thermography) for the Equine. Additionally it will allow the student to understand, build a specific focus on the following areas:

Students Area of Focus

  • Thermoregulation of the Equine / Successful Equine Imaging
  • Factors that determine skin temperature / Inflammation / Physiology of blood flow
  • Clinical use / Mechanics by which the Horse exchanges heat.

Student Areas of Focus

  • Injuries in the equine during exercise, training and performance / What types of injuries to look for in horse doing different Disciplines
  • Accidental injuries in different sports. The use of thermography as a monitoring tool for the Equine
  • Exercise and the effects of exercise on physiology / Recovery and monitoring horses during rehabilitation / Pathophysiology
  • Correct scanning / Correct report procedures / Environmental factors/Physics of Infrared/Applications of thermography in the equine / Thermal tuning

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Course Aims

This course aims to provide students with the ability to:

  • To study the principles and practise of Equine and Veterinary Infrared Thermography.

  • To understand the process and physics of Infrared and heat relating to the thermography application.

  • Understand the environmental factors that can affect scanning results and practise to ensure correct protocols are adhered to at all times.

  • Understand how to scan systematically, standardise scanning techniques and other factors.

  • How to transfer scan images to the reporting software and manipulate the level and span to highlight areas of interest.

  • How to produce a report for clients using comparative analysis and to critically articulate ones findings to ensure a professional, articulate and accurate report based on standards and protocol.


This course is delivered over 5 days on a full time basis.

Delivery and assessment:

The student will study one and a half days classroom based modules and three and a half day’s practical scanning horses and producing reports.

On completion of the five day course students will complete an online exam.

On completion of the online exam the student is required to submit a 500 word written essay on thermography for the equine or other animal species.

On completion of the course students are required to submit case studies over the following three months until the tutors have a selection of 10 completed cases studies that are acceptable towards certification as an ‘Equine Thermography Technician’.